Burbank Data

Kaylenn Gomez
3 min readSep 25, 2020

I’ve been living in Burbank for twenty-four years. It has a total population of 103,687 people. It also obtains a Per Capita income of $44,359, a twenty percent higher than the amount in California; and a Medium household income of $73,813. Burbank is a small city in the San Fernando area. It’s not a surprise at all to see how small the population is. This city has always had a larger amount of white people living in it. But, the area I grew up in has always been filled with Hispanics. However, in recent years, the diversity has grown. The street I live in went from having Hispanic residents to having Hispanics, Asian, and Black people living there. Overall, as a city, it has also become more diverse… but, not as much as I would have thought. According to the Census Report, Burbank has a high percentage of white people living in it (again, no surprise), and a low percentage of black people living there. While there is a 60% of white people living in Burbank, there is a 22% of Hispanics and a 2% of Black people living in Burbank. This comes to a surprise because I expected the number to be slightly higher. According to Mapping LA though, it is “moderately diverse for the San Fernando Valley, and moderately diverse for the county,” which I believe.

Race and Ethnicity data from Census Reporter
Race and Ethnicity data from Census Reporter.

One thing I’m surprised to see is the high percentage for the foreign-born population of the Asian descent. As previously mentioned, Hispanics have a high percentage of living in Burbank after white people. My assumption, before thoroughly researching, is that I expected Latin America to have the higher percentage. However, that is not the case. Which makes this quite interesting and fascinating. Especially, because according to Mapping LA, “Mexico (19.0%) and Iran (11.6%) are the most common foreign places of birth.”

The main language spoken at homes is English. There is a 71% of only English speakers for children ages five to seventeen. English is also the only language spoken for 51% of adults eighteen and above. Based off of the previous data mentioned, it’s no surprise that English is mostly or only spoken. After English, Spanish is the highest percentage, with a 14 % of families with children five to seventeen. Census Reporter also tells that there is a17% of the Spanish language spoken for adults eighteen and higher.

Language spoken at home for the city of Burbank, according to Census Reporter.

According to the Census report, there is a 77% of people who drive alone. This isn’t surprising to me because we are close many amazing places in the city of Los Angeles, but due to the heavy traffic, one is forced to drive themself to their destination. Most people in Los Angeles own a car, and drive themselves everywhere. However, what did come surprising was the low percentage of those taking a public transit. There is only 2% of people who take public transit and a 2% of people who walk as a means of transportation. Personally speaking, I understand the walking. Even though everything is close by in Burbank, nobody will take the initiative to walk to their work. Especially assuming that most people living in Burbank, don’t work in Burbank. However, 2% for public transportation is quite shocking because in general, if someone doesn’t drive, they take a sort of public transportation such as the bus. According to the census report though, 9% of people work from home and 8% of people carpool. Even with those stats, I still find it unbelievable knowing the percentage for public transit Is low.

Burbank data for transportation to work